Georgia Workers’ Compensation: Cases Where a Lawsuit May be Filed

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When you are injured on the job in Georgia and start receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits, most likely you will not be able to file a lawsuit against your employer, unless your case involves proof that your employer intentionally caused harm to you. On the other hand, a third party may be sued on top of you receiving benefits for unsafe working conditions in Georgia.

Filing a Lawsuit Against a Third Party for a Work-Related injury in Georgia

An injured employee may be able to sue a third party, such as the following:
  • manufacturer of equipment or product;
  • distributor of equipment or product;
  • seller of equipment of product;
  • subcontractor; and
  • property owner;. 

This of course, all based on how your injury happened and if it can be proven that these parties may be the sole cause of your injury accident. For example, if you feel off a ladder that was found to be poorly designed or inadequately constructed, you may be entitled to sue the maker of that ladder.

When this is occurs though, it is imperative you gather as much evidence as possible that will strongly support your claim.

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