Atlanta Lawyer Explains Driving Regulations for Commercial Motor Vehicles (Part A)

Sheryl L. Burke
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Atlanta Injury Attorney
The U.S. federal government has developed strict rules and driving regulations for commercial motor vehicles to ensure the safety of motorists who share the road with trucks and other commercial motor vehicles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) states that every driver of a commercial motor vehicle, specifically large trucks, has the responsibility to adhere to their rules when driving on America’s roads, streets and highways. Failing to follow these driving regulations could implicate a case of negligence.

Driving Regulations Involving Drugs and Alcohol

The strictest rule that FMCSA has established is that of the use of drugs and alcohol while driving commercial motor vehicles. It is illegal for a driver to possess, use or be under the influence of: 
  • narcotic drugs;
  • amphetamine drugs;
  • illicit street drugs, including marijuana and cocaine; and
  • alcoholic beverages. 

The above rule applies within four hours of reporting to work, operating a vehicle or truck, or sitting in the driver's seat of a vehicle or truck. This rule also applies to anyone in the act of driving commercial motor vehicles. Breaking this rule not only can lead to a serious or deadly accident, but it also can cause the driver to lose his or her job, be jailed, or face large fines. 

If you are involved in an accident with one or more commercial motor vehicles in Georgia and suspect that it could have been caused by an intoxicated driver, you have the right to take legal action. Driving regulations are in place to protect innocent drivers, and those who break the law should be brought to justice and held responsible for their negligent and malicious behavior. Contact a personal injury lawyer in the Atlanta area as soon as possible after a trucking accident. You may only have a certain amount of time to take action, so do not delay. 

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