2009 Georgia Crash Statistics (Part A)

The beauty of Georgia makes road trips a favorite activity for many. However, the reality is that drivers who take to the open road face the risk of a car accident in Georgia. How safe are Georgia's roads and highways? The 2009 Georgia crash statistics may surprise you.

First of all, keep in mind every car accident in Georgia is unique, despite the apparent patterns in some of the 2009 Georgia crash statistics.  Because of this, anyone injured in a car accident should seek the legal counsel of an Atlanta car accident lawyer.

Rest assured, Atlanta car accident lawyers don't care about statistics, they care about you, the individual driver. They will take the time to evaluate the facts surrounding your case to determine what caused your car accident in Georgia and who may be held liable for your injuries.

2009 Georgia Crash Statistics - Traffic Fatalities 

In 2009 there were a total of 1,284 traffic fatalities.
Of those, about half (659) occurred in rural areas, and the other half (625) in urban areas. About 70% of the accidents (919) resulted in occupant fatalities in various seat positions. Of the fatalities, half of the occupants were unrestrained, about 40% (354) were restrained and the remaining 10% unknown.

About a third of the total fatalities (331) were the result of alcohol impairment and about 25% (238) were the result of speeding.

2009 Georgia Crash Statistics - Motorcycle Fatalities 

In 2009 there were a total of 140 motorcycle fatalities,
with 90% of the drivers (126) wearing a helmet, only 8% without and the remainder unknown. Statistics also reveal that 76 lives were saved because of helmet use. In addition, motorcycle fatalities were at their lowest in 2009, in comparison to the past 5 years.

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