Our Georgia Personal Injury attorneys will treat you like an individual, instead of "just another case."

After a car accident, slip and fall or on-the-job injury, you need help. Medical help, legal help and moral support. At S. Burke Law we go above and beyond to ensure that you and your family recover from your accident while receiving expert legal care.

Auto AccidentAuto Accident

You have been injured in an accident in Georgia. What should you do? Who can you turn to? What you need right now is an attorney who will represent you with passion and understanding. You can bet that the insurance company will be prepared to offer you the smallest amount of money possible. They are looking out for their best interests. Who is looking out for yours? Please contact your car accident lawyer at S. Burke Law today for your free consultation. Your life is waiting. Please contact us today.

Motorcycle AccidentMotorcycle Accident

Were you in a motorcycle accident? Is the insurance company making it difficult to get the compensation you know you deserve? Is the other driving blaming you for the accident? Call S. Burke Law to review your case and develop a winning case strategy. Call us at 404-842-7838.

Pedestrian AccidentPedestrian Accident

Were you hit by a car? Are you unsure whose insurance should cover your injuries? Is an insurance company giving you a hard time or offering lowball settlements? Contact S. Burke Law for help navigating the insurance system so you get the compensation you need after a pedestrian accident. Call 404-842-7838.

Slip & Fall AccidentsSlip & Fall Accidents

If you have been hurt during a slip and fall accident in Atlanta, Georgia you need serious, dedicated legal help. At S. Burke Law we have dedicated our careers to defending the rights of the injured. With compassion we will guide you through the legal process and will work to get you maximum compensation for you injuries. You need an aggressive, compassionate attorney on your side. Call Sheryl Burke, your Atlanta personal injury attorney today for your free consultation. Your life is waiting. Call today. 1.404.467.0909

Workers CompensationWorkers Compensation

You have been hurt at work in Georgia. Are you prepared to settle for less than you deserve? Are you prepared to pay your medical bills alone? Almost nobody is and workers hurt on the job often deserve much more than they are given. If you are need help protecting your rights after an on the job injury contact your workers comp attorney at S. Burke Law today for your free consultation. At our Atlanta based firm we fight for your compensation with compassion and will not rest until you are taken care of. Please call today: 404-842-7838.