Car Rental Accident Insurance Coverage You Need When Leaving Atlanta (Part A)

Sheryl L. Burke
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Atlanta Injury Attorney
An accident can put a damper on anyone’s vacation or travel plans and if you’re in a car rental accident without the proper insurance coverage you could be left holding the bag for a slew of bills and expenses.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, if you’re renting a car while travelling in or out of Atlanta you need to plan ahead to make sure you will be covered in the event that you are in an accident.

When you arrive at the rental car counter to pick up your car you will have the choice of 2 different insurance coverage options. You can either purchase coverage from the rental car company or use your own existing insurance.  So how do you know which one to choose? The choice usually depends on certain factors.

When You can Use Your Own Auto Insurance

If you own a car and have car insurance, whatever type of insurance coverage you have will typically also apply to a rental car. If you have collision coverage it will cover whatever damage you may accidentally do to a rental car. In addition to collision coverage you should also make sure that your policy includes comprehensive and liability coverage.

These options will protect you in cases of theft, vandalism or if you are at fault for a car rental accident. If you have reviewed your policy and believe it is complete enough to cover you in an accident, you can probably opt out of purchasing extra insurance.

No matter what type of insurance coverage you have, you should contact an attorney if you are in an accident that causes you to be injured while you are on vacation or traveling on business. Your legal rights don’t end just because you are on vacation – find out what your options are for compensation.
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