Our Atlanta workers' compensation lawyers will make sure you don't fall prey to the false promises of your employer or the insurance company.

If you have been injured at work it is likely that your employer and their insurance agency have already contacted you. They may have offered you compensation that you believe is reasonable. However, even if your employer promises to take care of you, how can you be sure? Can you afford to miss work during your initial recovery and for ongoing medical care? Can you risk not getting maximum compensation for your injuries?

As an experienced Atlanta workers compensation attorney I have seen too many employers and insurance agents offer false promises. You have been hurt at work. You deserve compensation that will cover your present and future medical care along with missed work and, if applicable, compensation for diminished capacity during current or future employment.

Answers to all of Your Workers Compensation Questions- Absolutely Free

If you have questions as to your rights as an employee after an on the job injury or accident please download our free bookFiling a Workers’ Comp in Georgia: An Insider’s Guide to Getting the Most Compensation for Your Injury.  S. Burke Law wants to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are properly compensated for your injuries. If you need further legal assistance do not hesitate to contact me Sheryl S. Burke, your experienced Atlanta workers comp attorney for your free consultation.

Hurt During an Accident at Work? You Are Not Alone.

Our office has handled hundreds of workers compensation claims and have seen early every type of on the job injury. The most common injuries caused by an accident or work related incident that we see in Georgia include:

  • Lifting Injuries- These include sprain and strain injuries to the back and neck. In addition, heavy, repetitive lifting has been known to cause or aggravate heart problems. This can lead to a heart attack or other heart related events.
  • Auto Accident Injuries- The injuries caused by a car or truck accident include but are not limited to: head trauma, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, serious cuts or lacerations and internal injuries.
  • Injuries Caused by Violence- Workplace violence, though most common among health care workers, is a real threat. Injuries stemming from violence at work include: stab wounds, gunshot wounds, head trauma and broken bones.
  • Falls- A fall at work, whether from a height or after a slip or trip, can cause serious injury. Injuries associated with falls include: tailbone fractures, back injuries, broken hand, wrist or arm. In addition, crushing injuries are common when a heavy object falls onto a worker from a height.
  • Illnesses- Illnesses caused by on the job exposure to chemicals and other substances include: cancer, mesothelioma and other lung related illnesses, serious skin rashes and burns.

Too many times our law firm has seen workers from across Georgia struggle after an on the job injury. Employers and insurance companies want to save as much money as possible, leaving you without the compensation you need.

At Atlanta based S. Burke Law Inc. we fight for your compensation with compassion. As an attorney experienced in corkers comp cases I am ready to take on even the toughest cases. You have been injured at work. You likely deserve compensation. Allow S. Burke Law to fight for you. Please contact an attorney today. Your life is waiting.