What Benefits Will Workers’ Compensation Cover?

The benefits workers’ compensation covers includes medical expenses and lost income. Essentially, it is a form of insurance. Like a form of insurance, it offers a safety net in unexpected accidents and circumstances. Injuries at the workplace are not only unexpected but can leave you with serious injuries and expensive medical fees. This offers a guaranteed source of income and medical coverage if you are eligible for workers’ compensation.

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Medical Expenses

Medical expenses represent a significant portion of your financial cost and emotional distress. Covering medical expenses is one area where workers’ compensation is very effective. Workplace accident victims are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits once a doctor declares you must miss at least seven days of work.

Once you are eligible, workers’ compensation pays for your medical expenses directly. So, you should never see a single bill or deductible. Workers’ compensation covers the following medical expenses:

  • All authorized doctor bills
  • Physical therapy bills
  • Prescriptions
  • Travel expenses (if traveling to and from therapy is expensive)

Workers’ compensation benefits usually last 400 weeks in Georgia. But if your injury was particularly catastrophic, workers’ compensation benefits could extend for life. And that would include the cost of maintaining medical care for the rest of your life. However, one thing to note is that you cannot choose any doctor you want. After your injury, your employer must provide you with a list of eligible doctors and service providers within 24 hours. You can choose your preferred doctor from that list.

Lost Income

Workers’ compensation allows you to recover some of your lost income as well. Like we mentioned above, you must miss at least seven days of work to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia. Most workers’ compensation recipients receive their first checks within 21 days. If your injury requires you to miss more than 21 days, you will also receive a check for the first week of work you missed.

Workers’ compensation pays you a percentage of your full income. It covers up to two-thirds of your income. To find this amount, you calculate the average income you earned in the previous 13 weeks. However, workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia cannot exceed $575 per week. Like medical benefits, you can collect workers’ compensation income benefits for up to 400 weeks. In more extreme cases, you may be eligible for lifetime benefits.

Employees Who Can Participate in Limited Amounts of Work 

In some cases, your workplace injury may not force you out of work entirely. Occasionally, personal injury victims can return to work, but they cannot command the income they could prior to their injury. In this case, you can accept a new job while still collecting some workers’ compensation benefits for lost income. But your income benefits cannot exceed $383 per week.

Vocational Rehabilitation

While there is a segment of accident victims who can complete their duties in a limited sense, there are also victims who cannot return to their previous jobs at all. But this requires a catastrophic injury which leaves you with permanent limitation in the type of work you can get. Vocational rehabilitation allows you to receive help in learning a new trade or skill so you can find work more in line with your new limitations.

Permanent Disability Payments

Workplaces injuries can leave you permanently disabled. If that applies to you, workers’ compensation pays out disability payments as well. But the amount you are eligible for depends on the type of injury and the full-extent. It would also depend on whether or not you were able to participate in vocational rehabilitation services.

Call an Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Dealing with a personal injury anywhere comes with its own form of difficult questions. The benefits workers’ compensation covers attempts to simplify things a bit for employees by providing guaranteed benefits for eligible employees.

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