Most people do not know their rights under Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws until it is too late. If you suffered an injury or illness at work and you are having trouble getting the compensation you deserve, our legal team can help. Sheryl L. Burke is a former insurance adjuster who uses her insider knowledge to fight for and win your workers' compensation benefits.

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What Do I Need to Know About Georgia Workers’ Compensation Laws?

Georgia laws require any business in the state that employs three or more workers to offer workers’ compensation insurance. Workers' compensation insurance covers workers who suffer a workplace injury or illness because of dangerous conditions or exposure to hazards in the workplace. It covers your medical treatment, lost wages, and other benefits until you can return to your job.

Some important things that Atlanta workers should know about workers' compensation include:

Compensation and Other Benefits

Georgia workers’ compensation benefits cover a variety of injury- or illness-related expenses. This includes a percentage of your lost wages, the cost of your medical care, any related prescription medications, prescribed rehabilitation or physical therapy, mileage to receive treatment, and similar expenses.

There is a complex formula that determines what portion of your wages you receive while drawing workers’ compensation. In general, you will draw around two-thirds of your pay up to the $575 per week maximum for 2017.

Whether you can work will affect your payments. Many people are able to return to work with restrictions, often called “light duty.” When this occurs, your payment from workers’ compensation may decrease based on your earned income from your job. We will make sure you get the benefits that you deserve under Georgia law.

Medical Benefits

Workers’ compensation covers your related medical care until your doctor releases you from care or for the first 400 weeks after the accident. If you suffer from catastrophic injuries, you can receive benefits as long as you cannot work. Not sure when your benefits will end? Set up a consultation with us and we will go over what benefits you deserve and for how long you can receive them.


There are two deadlines we must meet to ensure you get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. The first requires you report your accident, injury, or illness to your supervisor within 30 days. The second deadline requires you or your employer file a Form WC-14. You have one year from the date your injuries occurred to file this form. If you do not meet these deadlines, you may waive your right to draw workers’ compensation. Make sure you work with a lawyer who can ensure you meet all deadlines so you do not miss out on important workers' compensation benefits.

Filing a Lawsuit

It is also important to understand that Georgia law limits your right to file a lawsuit against your employer, supervisor, or co-workers. The only time we can file a civil lawsuit for compensation in these cases is if a third party caused the accident and your injuries. We can help you identify if this happened in your case, and provide guidance and advice to help you better understand your situation.

Do I need to call a lawyer to get the workers’ compensation I deserve?

Georgia law does not require claimants to have a lawyer when filing for workers’ compensation benefits; however, a lawyer can be a big help. Many people are not sure where to turn after suffering a workplace injury. They are under stress, in pain, and not sure when they will receive their next paycheck. Their whole family feels the strain, increasing the stress even further. At S. Burke Law, we understand how scary this can be.

Our legal team is waiting for your call, and would love to discuss your accident and injuries with you in more detail. Feel free to request a copy of our free eBook on workers’ compensation: Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Georgia: An Insider’s Guide to Getting Started. This book will help you understand your rights under Georgia workers’ compensation laws and what you can expect as the victim of a workplace accident.

Often, once people read about their rights they recognize they are not receiving the full benefits they deserve under workers’ compensation law. We can help you remedy this so you recover the money you need to get the care and income you require.

Once you call, know you will always be more than a case number to us. As soon as you reach out to us and enlist our help, we assign a client relations coordinator to you and your family. Your coordinator can answer any questions you might have about your rights and what to expect during the workers’ compensation process. Your coordinator will also put you in touch with local resources so you get the help you need until we can secure the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

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