Were You Hurt in a Head-On Collision? The S. Burke Law Team Fights to Win You a Fair Settlement.

Head-on collisions are often catastrophic or deadly. They can leave victims paralyzed or permanently disabled. This can lead to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in medical bills over time. If you cannot go back to work, you likely have no way to pay these bills.

This can make the recovery process immensely stressful. However, if another party was at-fault for the accident, you can recover compensation from that party. Get help from a head-on collision lawyer in Atlanta today.

With more than 20 years in business, S. Burke Law has a long and successful track record, one that includes winning many settlements for victims of head-on collisions, helping them recover money for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. See how we can help you during a free consultation: 404-842-7838.

What Can I Recover for My Head-on Collision?

The team at S. Burke Law wants to ensure you recover a fair settlement for your injuries and other accident-related losses.

We ensure your accident settlement includes compensation for all the following:

  • Both current and future medical bills (if your injuries require future surgeries or will need long-term care, we include those costs in our demand)
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity (if your injuries require you to take a lesser-paying job or retire from the workforce)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

How Do I Recover Compensation?

To recover the compensation you need for your losses, we must prove the other driver behaved negligently. This involves establishing:

  • The driver violated a duty of care he had to you. Drivers have a duty to drive safely. Distracted, intoxicated, or otherwise negligent drivers who head the wrong way on a roadway or cross the center line have violated this duty.
  • This violation caused your accident and injuries. The driver crossed the center line and hit your car head-on causing you to sustain catastrophic injuries.
  • You suffered physical, financial, or emotional harm (e.g., medical bills, injuries, lost wages, etc.)

What Evidence Do I Need to Prove My Case?

For our case to succeed, we need substantial evidence proving the other party departed from the roadway or his proper lane, causing a direct impact with your vehicle. In gathering evidence, we also try to identify the cause of the lane departure — for instance, he was intoxicated or distracted by a smartphone — as this can often add to our case, increasing your damages.

The evidence we gather on your behalf might include:

  • Police reports;
  • Witness statements;
  • Photographs;
  • Video;
  • Phone usage records;
  • App logs (to show whether the driver was distracted by a smartphone app during or immediately before the crash);
  • Accident reconstruction;
  • Statements from expert witnesses;
  • And more.

Our strong evidence gives us plenty of leverage as we negotiate with the insurance company — or, if necessary, argue in front of a jury — for a fair settlement.

Our Attorneys Know How to Face the Insurance Company and Demand Fair Compensation

Of all the tasks an accident victim faces in the aftermath of a crash, fighting with the insurance company often poses the greatest challenge. Insurers have teams of highly paid employees, including attorneys, whose job is to reduce the amount they pay in damages.

That is why you want a personal injury record with a successful track record of facing off against insurance companies.

At S. Burke Law, we not only have such a track record, but our founder has unique experience dealing with insurance companies, experience unmatched by most personal injury lawyers.

Before starting S. Burke Law, Sheryl Burke worked for an insurance company as a claims adjuster. Daily, she witnessed the tactics insurers use to reduce or deny claims, and as a result, she and her team are prepared for anything the insurance company might try.

After a Head-On Collision, Our Team Helps You Recover and Get Your Life Back to Normal

During the weeks and months that follow a head-on collision, you will face many challenges, all of which our team wants to help you overcome.

The biggest, of course, is getting the fair compensation you deserve. But, recovering from a major car accident also involves a long list of small tasks, which can become a big source of stress.

For instance:

  • Getting your car repaired;
  • Finding a replacement vehicle;
  • Obtaining a rental car;
  • Scheduling doctor appointments;
  • Finding medical specialists who take your insurance;
  • Locating a support group;
  • Filling out paperwork from the insurance company;
  • And more.

S. Burke Law assigns each of our clients a client relations coordinator to help with these tasks. While your attorney is hard at work proving your case and negotiating a fair settlement on your behalf, your client relations coordinator assists with the details, taking the stress they cause off your shoulders, so you can focus your time on recovering and putting your life back together.

Any time you have questions or concerns about your claim, your client relations coordinator is here to help.

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