Turning left against oncoming traffic is dangerous in and of itself. When another driver acts carelessly or recklessly, the result can be deadly. S. Burke Law has represented countless injured parties in Atlanta left-turn accidents over the years. We believe you deserve to recover full financial compensation from the driver responsible. S. Burke Law is committed to working on your behalf to recover your losses.

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Who Is At-Fault in a Left-Turn Accident?

Unlike most accidents, left turns typically assume the fault of one party. In this case, the driver making the left turn is typically negligent. This is because drivers making left-hand turns typically do not have the right of way and must yield to traffic. Essentially, this means that drivers making left turns must wait for traffic to clear before proceeding.

When a driver turning left fails to yield, he is likely liable for any injuries that occur.

When Is the Driver Turning Left Not At-Fault?

There are a few scenarios in which the driver turning left did not behave negligently and would not be at-fault. If you collided with an oncoming driver while turning left and believe you were not at-fault, S. Burke Law will work to establish your accident involved one of the following:

  • The oncoming vehicle was speeding. (You might still be partially at-fault for this type of accident.)
  • The oncoming vehicle ran a red light.
  • Something unexpected occurred during the turn which caused you to slow down, e.g., the car in front of you stopped, a pedestrian ran into the street when you were already turning. (You might also share fault in this case as well.)

Can Both Parties Be At-Fault for a Left-Turn Accident?

Yes. In many cases, both drivers share fault for a left-turn accident. This can occur when:

  • The driver turning left did not survey closely enough and the driver heading straight was speeding.
  • The driver heading straight sped up to beat a yellow light and the driver turning left went through the intersection assuming the other driver would stop.

If you are partially at-fault for the accident, you can still recover compensation. However, your percentage of fault will decrease your settlement.

For example, you were speeding through the intersection when a driver turned left in front of you. You might have been able to avoid the accident had you not been speeding, so the insurer awards you with 30 percent of the fault. If you requested $50,000 for your injuries, you would only be able to recover $35,000 (70 percent of your demand).

It is important to note that you can only recover compensation if the other party was more at-fault for the accident than you were.

How Do I Prove the Other Driver Was At-Fault?

Left-turn accidents occur most commonly in intersections. This is helpful for us because it means there might be red light camera or surveillance footage available that can help us prove the other driver was at-fault.

If not, we will need to rely on photos, the police report, testimony from accident reconstruction experts, and eyewitness statements to prove the other driver was behaving negligently while turning left or navigating through the intersection.

How Much Can I Collect in Damages?

While there is no set amount you can expect to collect in any car accident, we will seek the following on your behalf:

  • Medical Expenses: We can claim ambulance bills, physical therapy, and medication on your behalf.
  • Lost Wages: If your accident caused you to miss work, you deserve compensation for the time you missed.
  • Lost Earning Potential: If you were unable to return to your previous job or had to take a lesser-paying job, we will request compensation for the money you would have earned had the accident not occurred.
  • Pain and Suffering: Left-turn accidents often lead to painful injuries. We will demand compensation for the pain and suffering your accident caused you.
  • Mental Anguish: A left-turn accident can be terrifying. We will request compensation for any emotional losses you suffered such as the development of anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder.

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