The Unique Risk for Burn Injury from a Motorcycle Accident (Part A)

The risk for burn injury is especially great after a motorcycle accident in Georgia. While involvement in any car accident carries with it a threat of injury, the combination of the impact of the crash, coupled with the lack of protection offered by seat belts, doors and airbags increases the likelihood of a motorcyclist being thrown from the bike or potentially burned.

In a motorcycle accident, a burn injury is not solely caused by fire (dry heat) in the traditional sense, but can result from wet heat, such as steam or from heated objects, friction and even chemicals.

Common Types of Burn Injury after a Motorcycle Accident in Georgia

During a motorcycle accident in Georgia, a motorcyclist is definitely at risk for burn injury, whether it's from a chemical burn from a toxic substance such as gasoline or battery acid, contact with flames, or even red-hot metal parts on the bike.

Any burn injury the biker receives will be classified as 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree, depending on the severity. Depending on the degree of the burn injury, the skin, blood vessels and nerves can be impacted. With a 3rd degree burn injury, the skin, dermis and tissues can be destroyed. Since nerve damage occurs, numbness is common.

Some symptoms of a burn injury after a motorcycle accident in Georgia may include: 

  • blisters and pain (common with 1st degree burns);
  • redness, swelling and blistering (common with 2nd degree burns); and
  • charred skin that may be white or black (common with 3rd degree burns). 

While 1st degree burns are generally considered minor, 2nd and 3rd degree burns can result in serious consequences for a motorcyclist. Because many motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligence or carelessness of other motorists (such as drivers who veer into a motorcyclist's lane), you may have grounds for a Georgia personal injury claim for the consequences the motorcycle accident in Georgia has had on your life. To be sure of your options, talk with an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney.

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