There are many injuries you can sustain in a motorcycle accident; one of the most common is road rash. Often called “road burn,” road rash occurs when a driver is dragged or scraped across the ground in a motorcycle accident. Road rash can be painful to endure and costly to treat. If you experienced road rash, contact a motorcycle accident attorney today to learn about your legal options. 

There are two types of road rash injuries: 

  • Avulsion – An avulsion injury happens when the outer layer of skin is stripped away by being thrown off a motorcycle or dragged in an accident. Often, underlying layers of muscle, fat and bone are exposed in this type of injury.
  • Compression – A compression injury typically occurs when a part of the body is trapped between the bike and the road (or another item) during a motorcycle accident. This causes a bruising or crushing injury to the limb or body part. 

Often with road rash injuries, so much skin is stripped that the rider will need skin graft surgery to repair the area. This involves taking skin from healthier areas of the body and transferring it to the injured area. The wound is then treated with a “wound vacuum” that ensures the injured tissue does not die and successfully joins with other tissue. This surgery and procedure can be expensive and painful. 

If you were in a motorcycle accident and received road rash, you could be eligible for compensation. Contact an experienced Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney at S. Burke Law Firm today. Call 1-404-467-0909 to begin discussing your case.

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