A Decatur motorcycle accident is different from a car crash in Georgia in a few ways. Getting help from an Atlanta car accident law firm that has experience with motorcycle accidents is important if you have been injured in one.

The biggest difference is that injuries are more likely to be severe or fatal in a motorcycle accident.
While there is some form of protection in a car, there is little or none at all while riding on a bike.

Even motorcyclists who wear protective gear such as a helmet or heavy jacket are at risk of suffering catastrophic injuries if they are thrown from their bike or skid across the pavement.

Another difference is that while most car accidents occur with other vehicles, motorcycles don't usually collide with other bikes.
Instead, they are usually struck by cars whose drivers don't see them. Visibility on a bike can be diminished for a number of reasons, including other vehicles or objects obstructing the view.

Motorcycles may not also get the same respect on the road as passenger cars do.
Some accidents are caused by a failure to yield to a motorcycle or trying to pass one. Left-hand turns in front of a motorcycle are a common type of car crash in Georgia.

Another difference is that there may be state laws that apply specifically to motorcyclists.
Licensing and insurance requirements may be different, and there are also laws concerning the wearing of helmets.

When you have been injured in a Decatur motorcycle accident, and you would like to know how best to protect your legal rights, then you should seek help from an Atlanta car accident law firm that has experience in motorcycle accident cases.

Contacting an Atlanta Car Accident Law Firm

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