As a Georgia personal injury lawyer I have seen too many people hurt during a slip and fall accident. The injuries caused by a fall can leave the victim in need of expensive ongoing medical care. Please read on to learn more about the most common injuries caused by a slip and fall or trip and fall accident.
  • Head Trauma- A fall can cause a serious, even life threatening, head injury. Though a concussion is most common after a slip and fall, serious brain damage caused by swelling of the brain or a break in the skull is possible.

  • Back Injury- When you fall, your back, along with the rest of your body, tries to prevent the fall. This natural reaction can cause a serious strain, sprain or tear in the muscles of the back. Another, more serious, back injury occurs when the back strikes an object or the ground. This impact can cause herniated discs, broken vertebrae and even a spinal cord injury.

  • Broken arm or Wrist- Falling can cause you to reach out for support; to try and break your fall. However, this automatic response can damage the arm, wrist, elbow or shoulder. Fractures, breaks and tears are all common injuries caused by fall accidents.

  • Broken leg- A broken leg can occur when the leg strikes an object as you fall. Depending on your position when you fall, your leg can also break upon impact with the floor. Breaks, especially of the knee and ankle, can take years to recover from and can require multiple surgeries and other medical treatments.

  • Hip fracture- Though this type of injury is seen primarily in the elderly, anyone can suffer from a hip fracture. The hip most often strikes the ground as the body twists, causing the hip to take the full impact of the fall.

  • Cuts- Serious cuts can lead to infection and may be deep enough to expose bone and sever nerve and muscle tissue. A deep cut that affects nerves and muscles may even lead to permanent physical disability.

  • Loss of Life- Extensive injuries from a fall, or even a serious blood clot caused by the impact, have the potential to cause a life ending event. Though this is certainly not as common, deaths from slip and fall accidents have occurred.

A slip and fall accident is often no accident at all. The negligence of a property owner, store manager or landlord can too often cause an avoidable accident. If you have been injured during a slip and fall accident in Georgia please contact attorney Sheryl S. Burke of S. Burke Law today for your free consultation.

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