Posted on Oct 06, 2011

October 6, 2011 - Avondale Estates, Ga. - A former police officer was indicted on Tuesday, October 4, for her involvement in a crash that left 2 people fatally injured.

reports that Kristina Hambie, 25, who was a DeKalb County police officer, has been charged with reckless driving, violation of oath of office, and 2 counts of vehicular homicide.

The accident happened last February nearby Kensington and Covington. Hambie was driving her police cruiser at a high rate of speed, well over the posted limit, when she crashed into another car.

The 2 people in the vehicle, driver Cheryl Burton and her passenger/best friend, Shelley Amos, were killed in the accident.

The lights and sirens on Hambie's vehicle weren't turned on at the time of the accident and she wasn't responding to an official call or police business. Investigative sources say that Hambie was actually going to lunch.

According to a police spokesperson, Hambie was fired in June and the families of each of the victims have received settlements from the police department.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's 2009 Georgia Crash Statistics, there were 1,284 fatalities as a result of car accidents in Georgia.

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