Aggressive driving refers to selfish driving that is pushy and endangers others. Aggressive driving is increasing, mostly in part to congested roadways, which leads to frustration and flared tempers. Aggressive driving causes car accidents, which can result in injuries and death. 

Here are some behaviors that are characteristic of aggressive driving: 

  • tailgating;
  • flashing lights at other motorists;
  • blocking or obstructing other vehicles;
  • physical assault;
  • verbal abuse; and
  • rude gestures. 

What causes aggressive driving? 

Several factors can contribute to aggressive driving. A study shows that frustration with traffic combined with pent-up anger, can trigger aggressive driving. In addition, humans are territorial. If a driver feels that another driver is getting too close or invading his or her space, then the driver may turn to aggression. 

However, some drivers go a little too far and actually chase other drivers, which causes car accidents. Even your feelings before getting into your car can affect your attitude while driving. 

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