If you are involved in a car accident that’s not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation, but you must make sure you take four steps before you do so.

What Steps Should I Take After an Accident That Is Not My Fault?

Protect yourself and your right to compensation by taking the following four steps:

1) Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Always seek medical attention as soon as possible after a car accident. Do this even if you feel fine and do not have a scratch on your body. There are two reasons to get yourself checked out immediately after any collision or accident:

  • Even if you feel fine on the outside, you might have damage on the inside that is not visible or apparent. Not all injuries present symptoms right away. You could have internal bleeding, brain hemorrhaging, or a host of other serious (even life-threatening) conditions that do not show any signs until weeks or months down the road. All the while, the injury could be worsening inside you, making it harder to treat when you finally do realize something is wrong.
  • There is also a financial reason to seek medical attention right away. When you pursue the responsible party and its insurance company for compensation, one factor that determines your settlement amount is the severity of your injuries. You need a thorough medical exam to provide proof of how badly you are hurt, and the sooner after the crash, the better. By waiting to see a doctor, you give the insurance company the opportunity to cast doubt on whether the accident was the cause of your injuries.

2) Speak to an Attorney

The next step is to speak to a car accident lawyer in Atlanta about your case. A skilled attorney from S. Burke Law can investigate the details of your accident, identify all potentially responsible parties, determine what evidence is necessary to prove the liability of those parties, and set out to gather the evidence we need to build a strong case.

We can also take over all correspondence with the insurance company, coordinate with your treating physician to obtain the medical reports needed to show the severity of your condition, and put together a case for pain and suffering damages. Getting help from an attorney can help ensure you do not leave thousands or even millions of dollars on the table.

3) Keep Up With Your Follow-Up Medical Care

Once you hire us to fight your case, we will handle all the details, big and small, for you. Your main responsibility at this point is to focus on your health and recovery, and this includes making sure you attend all follow-up doctor appointments and continue to receive any medical care you need. This will speed up your recovery and help get your life and your health back on track.

It is also important to your case that you keep up with your medical care. Failure to attend appointments for medical care, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and so on can give the appearance that your injuries are less severe than you and your attorney claim, and the insurance company can use this as evidence against you. The insurance company might even claim that you are falsifying or contributing to your injuries.

4) Turn All Evidence Over to Your Lawyer

If you have any evidence relating to the accident, make sure your attorney gets it. This includes photos taken at the crime scene, pictures of your injuries, statements made by witnesses following the crash, and all receipts for expenses you encounter because of the accident (e.g., rental car, repair bills, medical bills, and so on).

We will gather most of the evidence we need on our own. But the more help you can provide by offering evidence of your own, the better.

Should I Talk to the Insurance Company After the accident?

If there is one thing you should NOT do following a car accident that is not your fault, it is talking to the insurance company without first speaking with an attorney.

There is a good chance that the insurance company will call you soon after the accident and try to extract a statement. It might entice you by saying it has a settlement offer put together. Do not let an appearance of generosity or a what seems like a willingness to help fool you. The insurance company is NOT on your side, and it does NOT have your best interests in mind.

I know this because I used to work for insurance companies. The less you say to the insurance company after an accident, the better. It can and will use anything you say against you. So, until you have spoken with an attorney, send insurance company calls to voicemail, or if you decide to answer the call, politely decline to comment until you have spoken with your lawyer.

Call S. Burke Law After an Atlanta Car Accident

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