If the driver who hit you was engaged in an illegal U-turn, you may have the foundation for a lawsuit or insurance claim that holds the other driver responsible for your medical bills and for repairing or replacing your vehicle.

When your vehicle is damaged or destroyed in an accident, worrying about proving the illegality of the other driver’s actions is the last thing on your mind. A U-turn may be permitted in some instances. In other instances, the driver who hit your car may have made an illegal U-turn.

Since these cases can be complicated, avoid talking to or negotiating with the other driver’s insurer on your own. Instead, seek the assistance and guidance of a car accident lawyer who can help you accurately determine and prove liability. Having lawyer on your side can be helpful in pursuing compensation to cover costs like:

  • Repair costs to fix your vehicle
  • Out of pocket costs
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering

A car accident lawyer may be able to pursue other forms of compensation on your behalf.

Determining the Legality of a U-Turn

When you want to know who to hold liable for a U-turn accident in Georgia, you need to understand when a U-turn is legal in the state versus when it is not. The laws of the state make a U-turn illegal under the following four clear, distinct circumstances:

  • The driver of a vehicle cannot make a U-turn on any curved road.
  • A vehicle driver cannot make a U-turn on a road that hides his vehicle from the clear, unobstructed view of an approaching vehicle.
  • A driver cannot make a U-turn when it would create a safety hazard or interfere with existing traffic.
  • A driver cannot ignore a posted sign that expressly forbids U-turns.

Any driver who violates these circumstances would be liable for your injuries.

The At-Fault Driver Will Be Penalized by the State

Illegal U-turns threaten the safety of the roads for everyone, and the state of Georgia takes them very seriously. The law imposes the following fines and penalties on drivers who make improper U-turns:

  • Base Fine: $132
  • Base Fine + Surcharge: $194

In addition to these fines, a driver who makes an illegal U-turn in Georgia will also be given three points against their driving privileges.

Your Lawyer Can Help You Gather the Evidence You Need

Holding the driver who caused your injuries responsible is a complex, time-consuming process. To make an accurate, successful claim, you may need help compiling information and evidence, including the following:

  • The police report that details your accident.
  • The at-fault driver’s contact and insurance information.
  • All accident-related medical records.
  • All accident-related medical bills and expenses.
  • Statements from any witnesses to the accident.
  • Photos of your vehicle before and after the accident.
  • Photos of the scene of the accident.

If you need help obtaining these documents or compiling them to prove your claim, speak to an attorney near you as soon as possible following your accident. The help and guidance of an attorney can also allow you to concentrate on your physical and mental recovery without compromising the state’s car accident timeline.

The Georgia Statute of Limitations May Limit the Time You Have to Act

Each state imposes a statute of limitations on an injured person’s ability to file a claim against the person responsible for their suffering and lost or damaged property. In general, you have between two years and four years to file a car accident claim in Georgia.

Many different factors can affect and alter the timeline in car accident cases, and time can tick away quickly while you focus on physical healing in the aftermath of a devastating accident.

Do not let time limit your ability to hold the at-fault driver liable. Speak to an attorney for an accurate understanding of the state’s time restrictions. Your attorney can also help you understand how these restrictions apply to your case and how important it is to meet the timeline to avoid making it impossible to file your case at all.

Hold the Right Person Liable for Your Injuries

When you are the victim of a car accident that was caused by another driving making a U-turn, you may think assigning fault is a simple matter. Unfortunately, this might not always be the case because the at-fault driver’s insurance company may fight hard to avoid making a payout wherever possible.

An attorney will help you compile the evidence you need to prove your claim. And hold the at-fault driver and his insurer responsible for your injuries. If you need help proving another driver is liable for a U-turn accident in Georgia, do not hesitate to call S. Burke Law at (404) 842-7838.