Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Understands Impact of Child Injury in a Car Accident (Part B)

Sheryl L. Burke
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Car accidents do not impact adults and children equally. Several factors put children at greater risk. Perhaps one of the most critical is the fact that their bodies are still developing, both inside and out. A personal injury attorney in Atlanta who deals with child trauma cases understands this, and knows some of the factors you’ll have to consider to make sure your loved one gets the care he or she needs. 
Special Considerations for Child Injuries 
Injuries such as cuts and broken bones are one thing. For those injuries we can see, it’s obvious when healing begins. But internal harm like traumatic brain injury may not become apparent for years, such as when your child goes to school and falls behind his or her class in their reading and writing skills. Perhaps years later, such as during the teen years, they will have trouble socializing and making friends.

In some cases more than just careful monitoring is needed, even if it has been years since the child injury sustained in the car accident. At first, Atlanta parents may have more questions than answers. For instance, will your child need rehabilitation to regain motor function or speech and language capacity? Is counseling necessary to deal with the emotional aftermath of an injury? If a head injury leads to developmental delays, who will provide tutoring or special assistance at school?

Because children have so many years ahead of them and so much growing to do, the financial costs of a child injury sustained in a car accident can vastly outweigh the costs following adult injuries. In the most severe cases, compensation from the party at fault will need to last a lifetime. A personal injury attorney can help you figure out what to do next.

You Have Options to Deal with Child Injury After a Car Accident in Atlanta

If your child is the victim of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you have options. To help you understand your rights and seek the compensation for which you may be eligible to help get your family’s life back in order, contact Atlanta personal injury lawyer, Sheryl Burke for a no-cost legal consultation – 404-467-0909.