Injuries and losses resulting from car accidents can cause not only physical pain but also long-term emotional distress and financial instability. In many cases, injuries prevent victims from returning to work and providing for their families. Car accident victims and their families often suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence, and they should not have to foot the bill for their damages. 


If you were injured or you lost a family member in a traffic collision, a car accident lawyer in Riverdale, Georgia can help you pursue the financial recovery you deserve. We know this is a difficult time for you, and we do not want you to worry about the stress that comes along with handling a car accident case on your own. Call the legal team at S. Burke Law today at (404) 842-7838 for urgent assistance.

A Car Accident Lawyer in Riverdale, Georgia Can Help You Establish Liability in Your Case

To hold someone accountable for your injuries or the loss of your loved one in a car accident, you must prove that the person who caused the accident did so because they acted in a negligent manner. Essentially, they could have prevented the accident, but they made a decision or failed to take action when necessary. Our lawyer can help you prove negligence by acquiring evidence and fighting for a fair settlement for you.

How Negligence Is Proven in Car Accident Cases

Proving that the other driver in your car accident case holds responsibility for the collision first involves establishing that they had a duty of care to protect your safety or the safety of your loved one within reason. Licensed drivers take on this duty of care when they take to the road by obeying traffic laws and practicing safe driving habits. 


If they failed to do this and caused your accident, they met another criterion for negligence known as breach of duty. Their breach of duty, such as speeding, running a red light, or another action that caused your accident, was a direct cause of your injuries or loss, which then resulted in your damages. Our lawyer can demonstrate that the other driver meets these criteria so you can pursue compensation. 

Evidence from the Accident May Support Your Claim

Typically, our legal team will work with you to collect evidence from the scene of the accident and from other parties involved, such as police officers and medical professionals, to help prove negligence in your car accident case. Some of the types of evidence we may request include:

  • Police reports
  • Statements from witnesses who saw the accident occur
  • Photos or videos you took at the scene, especially those of property damage or injuries
  • Field sobriety tests
  • Cell phone records
  • Medical records
  • Financial statements
  • Documents from your employer that confirm time you had to take off work

After gathering the evidence and demonstrating the negligence of the other driver, we can begin the process of seeking financial awards on your behalf. 

Protection from Manipulative Insurance Adjusters

Before she began her legal career, our attorney worked as an insurance adjuster. She knows firsthand how greedy insurance companies can be and the tactics they will use in an attempt to invalidate your injuries and deny your claim. She can build strong cases and push back against unfair settlement offers from adjusters trained to care more about the company’s profit than your well-being. 


If you received a settlement offer after your car accident, you have a right to reject the offer and connect with a lawyer who can help you pursue your fair share. Call S. Burke Law today at (404) 842-7838 to start on your free case evaluation with our legal team. 

Types of Financial Recovery in Car Accident Cases

Car accident victims and their families often qualify to receive one or more types of financial awards for their injuries and losses. The specific circumstances of your case determine the damages you can pursue, which may include:

  • Medical bills, including those you received for emergency medical treatment, follow-up visits with your doctor, tests, procedures, equipment you need for recovery, and medications
  • Lost wages to make up for the time you missed at work
  • Loss of earning capacity if your injuries prevent you from returning to your previous job or if you lost a loved one who provided you with financial support
  • Pain and suffering for your lasting physical, mental, and emotional trauma
  • The cost of your loved one’s funeral and burial if their passing resulted from the accident

We cannot promise that you will receive a certain amount, but we can promise that we will accurately assess your damages and help you seek just compensation in your case. 

Georgia’s Statutes of Limitations on Car Accident Claims

Even if you qualify for compensation, you have a limited amount of time to file your claim. The Georgia statute of limitations, or legal time frame during which you can pursue your case, is typically two years from the date of the accident for personal injury claims. Similarly, the family of a victim who lost their life in a car accident may have up to two years to file a wrongful death suit against the liable party. A car accident lawyer in Riverdale, Georgia can guide you through the claims process before time runs out.

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