In order to file for Workers’ Compensation in Georgia, it is required of you to show 3 specific pieces of information. Considering these types of cases can often be complex, it is best for an attorney to handle the legalities for you. 

Injury Happened While On the Job

An employee must show that the injury happened in the workplace and it occurred as part of the job. An eligible work injury must have resulted because of your duties while working on the clock at the job. This means lunch breaks or any other break do not count, as well as any job that was not assigned to you to do. 

Medical Record of The Injury

Medical documents identifying the injury, including its type and severity, will be needed to file a Workers’ Compensation claim. Be sure to ask your treating physician for copies of each medical document to support your case.

Employer Informed of the Injury

Employees must inform their employer about an on the job injury as soon as possible. If there is a delay in reporting the work-related injury, an employer may question when and where the injury actually occurred; therefore, making your case less credible and difficult to pursue any compensation. 

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