Car accidents can be dangerous enough, but truck accidents are even deadlier. With an average truck weighing 40 times more than that of the average vehicle, you are lucky to survive any impact caused by a truck. Truck accidents are becoming more common and now account for 3% of all roadway accidents. Their severity makes properly dealing with insurance companies after a truck accident is very important.  

The following are the most common causes of truck accidents: 

  • Speeding;
  • repair, maintenance, and inspection failures;
  • right of way issues;
  • unlicensed drivers;
  • alcohol;
  • driver fatigue;
  • rollover;
  • faulty brakes;
  • tire blowouts; and
  • problems with load. 

These causes of truck accidents result in 5,000 fatalities and more than 100,000 injuries annually. Truck accidents can cause comas, broken bones, internal injuries, lacerations, burns, and concussions, as well as emotional injuries such as stress and trauma. 

This is why it is crucial to be extremely cautious of truck drivers. Stay out of their blind spots and avoid following them too closely. If you are able to, pass them quickly and carefully, allowing the truck sufficient space to maneuver. 

If you were involved in a truck accident and live in the Atlanta area, contact truck accident attorney Sheryl Burke of S. Burke Law. Sheryl and her staff will treat you like family and give your case the attention it deserves. Contact her today at 1-404-467-0909.

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