Jumping into a swimming pool is an unofficial marker of the start of summer. It is something people young and old look forward to all year. But there are safety issues we must all consider before taking a dip.

Everyone knows not to run around a pool or dive into the shallow end of a pool. But few consider the danger of swimming pool drains.

Pool drain suction entrapment is more common than we think, and often leads to serious swimming pool drain accidents. Suction entrapment occurs when a person gets stuck to a pool drain’s pull. It typically occurs when a pool drain is missing or broken, and small, light swimmers like children are particularly at risk of entrapment

Here are some tips for avoiding drain accidents:

1. Invest in a Quality Pool Drain Cover

A good pool drain cover is the primary way you can protect yourself and your family. And in fact, they are required in all public pools per the passing of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act in 2008.

While this covers anyone visiting one of Atlanta’s many public pools, it does not require private pool owners to use anti-entrapment drain covers.

But they are recommended for any pool owner and could be the difference between a fun day in the sun and an accident.

2. Remove Loose Items Before Entering the Pool

Mechanical entrapment is a common cause of swimming pool drain accidents. Mechanical entrapment occurs when a person’s jewelry, loose clothing, and any other loose items catch in a pool drain’s suction.

Remove anything that could get caught in or on a pool drain.

3. Tie Your Hair Up If You Have Long Hair

Hair entrapment is another common pool drain accident. While most people do not consider their hair a danger for a pool drain, the suction can pull you headfirst into a drain faster and more forcefully than you realize. This can lead to serious head injuries, drowning, and more.

Simply tying your hair up may prevent drain accidents.

4. Tell Swimmers to Stay Away from Drains

Simply staying away from the pool drain reduces the risk of entrapment. Of course, this requires you to be aware of your surroundings and position in the pool at all times.

Being unaware of it can lead to torso entrapment. Torso entrapment occurs when your midsection catches in the drain’s suction.

Be especially careful when diving for pool toys, as they may get sucked to the drain. Retrieving a pool toy near a drain could increase the risk of a drain accident.

5. Install a Safety Vacuum Release  

Even if you do your best to protect yourself and anyone swimming in your pool, the risk of a drain accident remains.

Vacuum releases are among the best contingencies a pool owner can buy. They instantly turn off the pool’s pump when it detects something blocking the drain.

Call an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer If You Are Injured

We certainly hope that you will use these five pool drain safety tips this summer.

But if something goes wrong and you or someone you love suffers an injury, reach out to S. Burke Law. In the event of an accident, we encourage you to call us for a free consultation. We serve accident victims in Atlanta who were hurt in preventable accidents.

You can reach us at 404-842-7838 for a free case evaluation.
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