Injuries sustained in Georgia motorcycle accidents can be severe, especially if protective clothing and equipment are not used. There are some basic pieces every motorcycle rider needs to wear when saddling onto a bike.


This piece of equipment can save your life. Be sure the helmet has the Department of Transportation label, which means it conforms to federal standards.

Eye Protection

Quality goggles or a helmet equipped with a face shield protects the eyes from dirt, insects, rocks and other flying debris. 

Jackets and Trousers

Protect your skin from abrasions by wearing outside clothing made of durable material. Long sleeves and pants are highly advised.


Gloves provide protection for the hands. Choose a pair with a non-slip grip to help hold on to the handlebars.


Protect feet, ankles, and lower legs by investing in a pair of leather boots. If boots are out of the question, wear robust athletic shoes that are high enough to cover the ankles.

The negligence of motor vehicle drivers causes many of today’s motorcycle accidents. Even the most protected motorcyclist is no match for a negligent driver. Lawyers specialized in personal injury can help file negligence claims for compensation, which can help with medical care and rehabilitation costs in the hope to regain the victim’s former physical health. 

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