Handling the Trauma of Broken Bones from an Atlanta Car Accident (Part A)

A serious Atlanta car accident can inflict traumatic injuries, such as crushed or fractured bones. When someone else was responsible for the incident, you’ll be able to file a Georgia car accident claim to try to recover compensation for your medical bills, future treatments and missed time from work.

The enormous weight of passenger vehicles and trucks, combined with the velocity and the force of an accident, can cause serious bone injuries. While some small fractures heal relatively quickly, others may be more severe and complicated and even result in loss of mobility and permanent disability.

Recognizing the Signs of a Broken Bones

In most cases, the signs of a bone fracture will be obvious. When you’re taken to St. Joseph’s or Piedmont, doctors will use x-rays to confirm the diagnosis and evaluate the severity of the injury.

Some of the signs they’ll look for include: 
  • awkwardly positioned or deformed limb;
  • tenderness and swelling;
  • bone protruding through skin;
  • numbness or discoloration; and
  • pain during movement. 
Treating Bone Fractures

The human body has more than 200 bones, and any of them can suffer a fracture in a serious Atlanta car accident. How doctors treat broken bones depends upon where the fracture is located and the type of break that occurred.

Doctors will try to set and stabilize the bones and may use treatments such as: 
  • casts;
  • braces;
  • surgery;
  • metal rods or plates;
  • injections; and
  • medications (anti-inflammatory and pain). 
Serious fractures can cause you to miss a large amount of time from work, not to mention rack up an impressive pile of medical bills. Many patients have to undergo rehabilitative treatments and therapy that can cause further financial strain.

You’ll need to contact a lawyer about how to accurately account for all your losses due to the Atlanta car accident when you file your Georgia car accident claim.

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