Motorcycle riders, just like drivers in passenger cars, face certain risks every time they get on the road. But motorcycles are riskier than cars in the fact that they are smaller in size, harder to spot in heavy traffic and offer far less protection.

The causes of motorcycle accidents can determine the role an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer may play in helping you receive compensation for sustained injuries.

Some of the most frequent causes of motorcycle accidents include: 

  • other drivers turning into the motorcycle driver's lane;
  • environmental hazards;
  • road hazards;
  • speeding; and
  • operator inexperience. 

The Right of Way in an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident

Right-of-way violations are the biggest cause of motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles. In two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles, the car driver turned into the motorcycle rider's lane, violating their right of way. This shows that one of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents is lack of visibility. Other drivers simply fail to see-or look for-the motorcycle rider.

When the cause of motorcycle accidents is another driver, it's best to secure the services of an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer. An experienced Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer will prove invaluable when mapping out the makings of the motorcycle accident.

Your Atlanta Motorcycle Accident and Road Hazards/Weather

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is road hazards. A pothole that would be a mere bump on the road to a car can send a motorcycle careening out of control.

Other road hazards that cause motorcycle accidents include:

  • puddles;
  • debris;
  • uneven pavement;
  • railroad tracks; and
  • oil slicks. 

Sudden changes in weather, such as rain or thunderstorms, can seriously reduce a motorcyclist's ability to drive. This often forces them to pull off the roadway in search of cover until conditions subside.

Whether the causes of motorcycle accidents are a direct result of other drivers, or conditions on the roadway, you should talk with an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible, while details are still fresh in your mind.

You may need help in dealing with your insurance company or another driver's insurance company. An Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer specializes in these circumstances and can work to get you the fairest settlement possible if someone else was at fault.

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