A truck accident in Georgia can be catastrophic, particularly when it is against a much smaller vehicle or when a truck has been traveling at high speeds. If your loved one has suffered a fatal truck crash because of driver error or negligence, you may be eligible to file a Georgia wrongful death claim.

An Atlanta accident lawyer will look at all aspects of your case and collect the evidence to prove your loved one's death was to the result of truck driver negligence. Additionally, an Atlanta accident lawyer can help you sort through the overwhelming task of paperwork involved in a Georgia wrongful death claim.

Types of Fatal Truck Accidents in Georgia

The open roads of Georgia are great for traveling but can be deadly when a vehicle comes against a big rig or 18-wheeler being driven by an unsafe driver. Distractions, taking turns too fast and speeding can result in a catastrophic truck accident in Georgia.

A head-on collision is perhaps one of the most deadly types of fatal truck accidents in Georgia.
This is especially true when one or both vehicles are traveling at high speeds. Even if the driver of one of the vehicles sees the other, it may be impossible to brake in time.

Another type of fatal truck crash is an underride accident. This occurs when a smaller vehicle such as a passenger car, light truck, minivan or SUV strikes the back of a truck with great force. The smaller vehicle ends up underneath the truck, partially or completely. 

An underride can occur to the rear or side of a truck as well. No matter which side the underride accident takes place, it is almost always deadly. Typically it results in fatal head injuries and in some cases, decapitation.

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