When you've been seriously injured in a truck accident in Georgia, you'll need the help of a Georgia injury law firm. Truck accidents are often very catastrophic and determining who was negligent can be a very complicated task. You may be able to file a GA personal injury claim that holds not only the driver liable but the trucking company as well.

Since there are federal regulations that govern the trucking industry, there are special laws that must be adhered to. If there's a violation of those laws, then you could be facing a third-party lawsuit, which can make the process much more complicated.
This is why you'll need to have strong evidence that supports your claim of truck driver and/or truck company negligence.

3 Ways to Obtain Evidence against a Truck Driver or Company

Your Georgia injury law firm has the resources available to get the necessary evidence that shows a truck driver or company was negligent in your accident.

One way you can get evidence is by examining the driver's logbook, otherwise known as their record of duty status.
Federal regulations mandate that commercial truck drivers keep a record listing the hours that they're on the road, taking a break and taking days off. 

This logbook is a critical element to your GA personal injury claim. It could indicate the cause of your truck accident, which is many times the result of truck driver fatigue. If the logbook were to show that the driver had been on the road for more hours than legally allowed, this could be used as evidence.

The allowable hours for operating a truck are known as "hours of service rules." This determines the number of hours a truck driver is allowed to be on the road and how much rest/sleep time is required. 

Your GA personal injury attorney has evaluated evidence such as this before and knows the laws behind truck regulations. By contacting your Georgia injury law firm, you can feel at ease knowing that experienced legal representation is on your side. 

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