As the popularity of motorcycle riding increases, so do the number of motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists need to be vigilant when hitting the road to avoid suffering a serious injury that could be fatal. If you do become a victim in Georgia from a motorcycle accident, a lawyer can help you pursue a claim against the negligent party.

Always Drive Defensively

Defensive driving techniques should be second nature to every biker. Always remember to use the following driving tips. 
  • Watch out at intersections – especially when buildings, shrubs, or parked vehicles block a clear view.  On approach, slow down and be able to react quickly.
  • Be sure you’re seen - drivers often report not seeing motorcyclists so position yourself to be visible within the lane. Avoid staying in another vehicle’s blind spot. Always use your headlights and retro-reflective materials on your clothing and motorcycle.
  • Brake wisely and use signals - you should be aware of who’s behind you and how closely they’re following before braking. This also applies to changing lanes. Signals should always be used to alert other vehicles of your next move.
  • Pass carefully – never pass on the shoulder or ride on the shoulder.  Before passing, move to the left third of the lane and keep yourself at a safe following distance. Don’t get too close to the other vehicles as you pass.  

Keeping your defenses up while on the road can help you ride safely. But even safe riders can be injured because of another driver’s negligence.

Negligence Claims for Motorcycle Accidents

Generally, there are 4 basic factors that must be proven by a motorcyclist filing a claim, which include: 
  • the other driver was required by law to be reasonably careful when driving;
  • the other driver wasn’t careful when compared to what the law expects from a “reasonable person;”
  • the other driver’s actions caused the motorcyclist’s injuries; and
  • the motorcyclist was injured or suffered losses.  

If you are the victim of someone else’s driving negligence or carelessness, you have certain rights guaranteed by law. Talk to a Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer, like the Atlanta Law Offices of Sheryl L. Burke, for a no-cost consultation. Call 404-842-7838.
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