Types of Amputations Suffered from a Serious Accident in Georgia

There are different types of amputations that can result from a serious accident in Georgia. Most of the time, a surgeon will strive to make it possible for a prosthesis to be worn. This requires preservation of the joint and some of the bone. 

Some of the types of amputation that can occur after a serious accident in Georgia include:

  • Digits - sometimes just one finger but other times more than one, which makes grasping difficult.
  • Metacarpal - loss of hand but wrist remains intact.
  • Wrist disarticulation - loss of hand at the level of the wrist joint.
  • Forearm (transradial) - ability to rotate the forearm depends on how much of the forearm is amputated.
  • Elbow disarticulation - loss of the entire forearm at the elbow.
  • Above-elbow (transhumeral) - loss of the limb anywhere between the elbow and shoulder.
  • Shoulder disarticulation - shoulder blade is intact but sometimes the collar bone is removed.
  • Forequarter - shoulder blade and collar bone are removed.
  • Foot - any portion of the foot, including toes.
  • Ankle disarticulation (syme) - loss of foot and the entire ankle.
  • Below-knee (transtibial) - loss is above the ankle but below the knee.
  • Knee-bearing - complete removal of the lower leg, which makes the use of prosthesis difficult.
  • Above-knee (transfemoral) - level of amputation occurs at the thigh.
  • Hip disarticulation - removal of the entire leg bone.  

No matter what type of amputation an individual faces, it is likely to be traumatic. Not only must the victim deal with the physical and emotional aspects of this injury after a serious accident in Georgia, but they must also face expensive medical treatment, including the cost of the prosthesis.

Help from a Macon Personal Injury Attorney 

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Contacting a Macon Personal Injury Attorney

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