If you or a loved one was seriously or fatally injured in a truck crash in Decatur, GA, you should speak with Decatur GA attorneys about your legal options. You may be entitled to seek compensation for your injuries and damages related to the accident.

Big rigs are simply no match against smaller vehicles. When truck driver negligence leads to a truck crash in Decatur, GA, then the driver may be held liable for your injuries.

Common Types of Truck Driver Negligence

There are different types of truck driver negligence that could cause a truck crash in Decatur, GA. 

  • driver error;
  • inexperience;
  • disobeying truck laws and regulations; and
  • disobeying traffic laws. 

Driver Error

Driver error is a common type of negligence. Many times it's a result of distractions. Truck drivers who text while driving, talk on their radios, look at a logbook or otherwise don't pay attention can put other cars on the road at serious risk. 

All it takes is just a few seconds for a truck driver's eyes to be off the road, and it can lead to catastrophic consequences. Decatur GA attorneys can evaluate your case to determine if distracted driving was the source of truck driver negligence that led to your truck crash in Decatur, GA.


Inexperience, improper or insufficient training could be the cause of a truck crash in Decatur, GA.
In this case, the trucking company may be held liable in your case. Decatur GA attorneys understand the regulations that trucking companies must follow, which includes providing adequate training to its drivers.

Contact your Decatur GA attorneys to investigate the training practices of the company that employs the truck driver to determine if there was a failure in this area and to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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