Nerve damage may not be as obvious as a broken leg or severe head wound after a car accident. Sometimes you may not even realize you have sustained nerve damage for weeks following the accident, as the onset of symptoms begin to take more and more of a toll on your daily activities.

What is nerve damage?

Nerve damage has the ability to profoundly affect your quality of life after a car accident in Georgia because nerves are all over our body. Nerves carry messages throughout our bodies to and from the brain. When these tiny little passageways are damaged from an accident, and with it the tissues surrounding them, body functions, sensations and motor skills can be damaged.

Typically, nerve damage occurs when nerves are:

  • compressed;
  • stretched; or
  • cut.  

What are symptoms of nerve damage?

When any of the above injuries occurs to nerves, you may or may not have immediate symptoms. In severe cases, such as with a spinal cord injury, nerve damage after a car accident in Georgia is dramatic and obvious, as paralysis and loss of motor function occurs.

In other cases, nerve damage symptoms may vary, depending on the type of nerve that was damaged:

  • Autonomic nerve damage - dry eyes, dry mouth, bladder and sexual dysfunction and lightheadedness may result.
  • Motor nerve damage - paralysis, weakness, atrophied muscles and twitching motions may result.
  • Sensory nerve damage - pain, numbness, sensitivity and prickling feelings may occur. 

Nerve damage can have every bit as much of an impact on your life as any other traumatic injury commonly associated with a car accident in Georgia. What's more, in many cases, nerve damage is permanent-meaning it can only be treated and managed-so you may be faced with ongoing challenges, both physically and financially. 

With this in mind, you may be able account for some of your medical expenses and pain management through a Georgia personal injury claim if another person's careless or reckless behavior led to your condition. This is commonly known as negligence.

Once you've addressed your physical symptoms and have considered filing a Georgia personal injury claim, you'll want to consult with an Atlanta auto accident attorney to get a better idea of how your potential case may proceed.

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