A Georgia DUI car accident can lead to severe injuries such as multiple broken bones, spinal cord trauma or internal bleeding as well as significant property damage and time missed from work. When someone who is driving under the influence turns your life upside down, you should send a message that such negligent behavior will not be tolerated. You can do so with the help of an Atlanta personal injury lawyer who has represented many people who have fallen victim to a drunk driver.

Driving Under the Influence: Punitive Damages

In a civil suit against someone who has been convicted of driving under the influence, you can fight for more than your medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If your case goes to trial, the jury may be allowed to award punitive damages to punish the defendant and to discourage drunk driving in general.

The conduct that could lead to punitive damages being awarded includes conduct considered to be intentionally harmful or conduct that shows reckless disregard (gross, wanton, or willful) for those who share the road.

There is no limit on these damages in a Georgia DUI car accident, but it can be difficult to prove that you are entitled to these damages. As the injured party, you will need to present convincing evidence showing that the defendant's conduct warrants punitive damages you are seeking, which are insurable. This means the defendant's insurance company could be responsible for these damages.

Since it can be very difficult to seek compensation after a Georgia DUI accident, you should schedule a consultation with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. If it is determined that you have a legitimate case, your attorney may help gather evidence, such as police reports and blood alcohol concentration results, to build a solid claim on your behalf.

Contacting an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer after a Georgia DUI Car Accident

If you are the victim of a driver in Georgia who was driving under the influence, you have certain rights guaranteed by law. To help you understand these rights and seek the compensation you may be eligible for to help get your life back in order, contact the Atlanta Law Offices of Sheryl L. Burke for a no-cost consultation on your injury case – 404-842-7838.
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