A Look at Georgia Motorcycle Accident Statistics (Part A)

The good news is the latest Georgia motorcycle accident statistics show an end to the steady increase seen in the number of fatal motorcycle accidents over the past 15 years. Still, motorcycle accidents do occur in Georgia every year, many requiring the help of a GA accidents attorney to obtain settlement.

2009 Georgia Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that Georgia saw 38 fewer motorcycle fatalities (140) in 2009 than in 2008 (178). This is great news, considering that the number of registered motorcycles has been increasing without an increase in fatal crashes.

The majority of fatal motorcycle crashes in Georgia in 2009 were head-on collisions with another motor vehicle,
which accounted for about 47% of the total. The next most common type of crash was collision with a fixed object, accounting for nearly 31% of the 140 crashes that year.

If you've lost a loved one in a fatal motorcycle crash, you are facing a battle against the insurance companies to settle your wrongful death claim. Most insurance companies try to stereotype motorcycle drivers as reckless and careless drivers who speed and ignore traffic laws. You should obtain the help of a GA accidents attorney to give your claim the best possible chance at negotiating a fair settlement.

When a Motorcycle Accident Isn't a Collision

The 2009 Georgia motorcycle accident statistics from NHTSA reported that there were also 16 fatalities that resulted from a noncollision accident. This is when the motorcyclist doesn't actually strike another vehicle or object, yet the rider is still killed.

This can result from many potential scenarios such as:

  • a medical emergency such as a heart attack;
  • loss of control resulting in rider being thrown from bike; and
  • the motorcycle sliding and crushing the rider. 

The motorcycle doesn't have to hit an object to result in fatal injuries, which is why many wrongful death claims from motorcycle accidents can be difficult to prove. Contact your GA accidents attorney to evaluate your case and help you pursue a fair settlement.

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