The Say Her Name campaign was officially launched in 2014 by the African American Policy Forum and Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy at Columbia Law School. The campaign was created as a response to police violence against black girls and women. So often, they are overlooked and their stories never told.  

This social movement shines light on how black girls and women are disproportionately targeted and victimized when it comes to racial injustice. Say Her Name, Black Lives Matter, and countless other movements, platforms, and organizations have formed to get people to realize that black life must be valued. If our aim is to ever have any real equality within this society, we must truly prioritize justice for all. 

Say Her Name has been spread amongst the masses, becoming a trending hashtag shared across various social media platforms. Many use #SayHerName to not only take a stance, but to share the stories of the girls and women who are no longer here to speak for themselves.  

This has been an ongoing fight and protest against the erasing of the lives and stories of black girls and women, particularly when it comes to police brutality and racially incited violence. Leaving these girls and women out of the “national conversations about race and policing”, is basically saying that their lives and stories don’t matter. The #SayHerName campaign is doing exactly what it's set out to do. Since its inception, it’s definitely increased awareness and brought the forgotten to the forefront. You can say their names and share their stories in whichever ways resonate with you.  

Here, at the Law Offices of Sheryl Burke, we are saying their names with art. We recently installed a piece titled Target 1, created by artist Corrina Sephora. The plaque lists the names of 101 women whose lives were unlawfully stolen and taken by racist police violence. We are also committed to updating this plaque as needed. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to update it at all. 


We honor every single last one of these women by bringing awareness in their name.