Broken-bone injuries can occur in any Atlanta car accident where there is an extreme or crushing force placed on the body. Serious fracture injuries can mean months of medical treatments and rehabilitation, both of which can be included in a Georgia car accident claim.

The nature of a fracture is largely dependent upon the type of accident that occurred. For example, head-on collisions can cause damage to the legs and hips, while side-impact accidents tend to affect the hips and ribs.

When there’s an extremely high impact, such as a high-speed accident on I-75, a victim may suffer skull and spinal injuries when his or her head collides with the dashboard or side window of the vehicle.

After the accidents, doctors will assess the injuries and determine which type of fracture the patient incurred: 
  • Closed – in closed fractures, also called simple fractures, the bone is broken but not shattered or protruding.
  • Open – open or compound fractures break the skin at the time of the accident.
  • Greenstick – with greenstick breaks, the bone is fractured on only one side, causing a bend on the other side.
  • Comminuted – when the bone shatters or breaks into 3 or more pieces, doctors label it a comminuted fracture.
  • Traverse – traverse fractures occur at right angles to the axis of the bone; the breaks are perpendicular to the way the bone runs. 
Any type of fracture will require medical attention and may take several months or more to heal. It’s not uncommon to lose muscle strength while incapacitated, so rehabilitative treatment is often required with serious break injuries after an Atlanta car accident. If you want to talk to a legal professional about filing a Georgia car accident claim, you’ll need to call as soon as you’re able in order to meet the statute of limitations.

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