Unlike drivers of passenger cars, motorcyclists are exposed to the elements -environmental and otherwise - which can increase their vulnerability when a motorcycle accident in Georgia occurs. One such threat to motorcyclists is a chemical burn injury. While many people initially picture flames shooting from the hood of a car, in a motorcycle accident, a chemical burn injury may be caused by a number of agents, including corrosive chemicals such as battery acid or toxic substances such as gasoline.

In many cases, chemical burn injuries are minor and don't cause any permanent problems. In severe situations, chemicals can cause blindness, such as when a substance comes into contact with the eyes.

While chemical burn injury symptoms may differ slightly from those of a dry heat burn injury (fire), they are still quite painful and may include:

  • redness and irritation;
  • pain;
  • numbness;
  • blisters;
  • low blood pressure;
  • shortness of breath;
  • seizures; and
  • cardiac arrest. 

If chemical burn injury symptoms sustained in a motorcycle accident in Georgia are so severe that medical treatment is sought, care may vary depending on the extent of the injury and the type of chemical involved.

Generally, chemical burn injury treatment includes:

  • IV fluids;
  • decontamination (water irrigation);
  • antibiotics;
  • antidotes (if one is available to counteract the chemical);
  • breathing tubes (if airways are constricted); and
  • wound dressing and bandaging. 

While the above steps address initial chemical burn injury treatment, ongoing care and therapy can be extensive, physically, emotionally and financially. If your chemical burn injury resulted from a motorcycle accident in which someone else was to blame, you may be able to file a Georgia personal injury claim to seek compensation. 

Contacting an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you are the victim of someone else's negligence or carelessness, whether in a motorcycle accident or some other type of accident, you have certain rights guaranteed by law. To help you understand these rights and seek the compensation you deserve to help get your life back in order, contact the Atlanta Law Offices of Sheryl L. Burke for a no-cost consultation on your injury case - 404-842-7838.

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