Most cases of medical malpractice usually can be prevented with attention to detail and open communication with your doctor. Unfortunately, some patients feel that their doctors or healthcare professionals aren’t listening and/or taking their concerns seriously. So what can you do? Here are some handy tips to keep in mind at your next appointment. 
  • Come prepared with a list of questions – A lot of people have questions in mind, but when a doctor seems rushed, they don't ask or forget them once they get to the appointment. By having a hard copy, you can make sure you get the information you need. 
  • Don’t go in thinking you know it all – Even if you’ve done extensive research or talked to others suffering from your condition, let the doctor do his or her job. Many doctors will be apprehensive to treat you or communicate with you openly if you come in with a bad attitude or a chip on your shoulder. 
  • Have realistic expectations – Doctors aren’t magicians who can magically make you feel better or know exactly what you’re suffering from. Being patient and following the doctor’s orders is the best way to get better. 
If your doctor has failed to provide you with adequate medical attention, which caused you severe illness or injury, seek an Atlanta law firm for help.

Contacting an Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you are the victim of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, whether in a traffic accident or some other type of accident, you have certain rights guaranteed by law. To help you understand these rights and seek the compensation you may be eligible for to help get your life back in order, contact the Atlanta Law Offices of Sheryl L. Burke for a no-cost consultation on your injury case – 1-404-842-7838.
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