While doctors and nurses are very careful there are chances of missteps or negligence that can occur while a patient is being treated for injuries or illnesses. This often creates an opportunity for Georgia medical malpractice claims. If you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice it's imperative that you take legal action. Speak with a medical malpractice firm in Atlanta, Georgia if you have any questions, concerns or if you want to discuss your specific case with a lawyer.

When agreeing to be treated by a medical professional there are several duties that are owed to you in the doctor-patient-relationship. Georgia medical malpractice claims may be in your best interest for preserving your financial security.

What Are Georgia Medical Malpractice Claims?

Medical malpractice is a term that applies to a variety of accidents. These same circumstances are also called medical negligence. These instances happen when a doctor, surgeon or other health care provider violates the standards of patient care while providing his or her services. This violation results in improper treatment of the patient and unnecessary suffering or even possibly further injury for the patient.

Medical malpractice can be an incorrect action, or neglect, by the physician:

  • misdiagnosis;
  • failure or neglect to diagnose a condition or disease properly;
  • failure to provide appropriate and adequate treatment; and
  • unreasonable delay in treatment. 

This applies to all health care providers who hold a license including doctors, surgeons, nurses, counselors, therapists, psychologists, and psychotherapists.

A victim of medical malpractice should contact a medical malpractice firm in Atlanta, Georgia right away to review the case. Swift action is necessary because if you file a claim you will need hard evidence to make it successful. Waiting to take action could ultimately be used against you under the suspicion that your injuries were not as severe as indicated by the claim.

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