Dealing with the Pain of a Wrong Site Surgery

Because of the increasing incidence of wrong site surgeries, and because they cause such tragic physical ramifications, the number of negligence lawsuits filed each year for Georgia medical malpractice is on the rise.

The consequences of wrong site surgeries are basically twofold: 
  • Prolonged Condition – first of all, many patients who undergo a wrong site surgery come out of the operating room with the original medical condition left untreated.
  • Newfound Medical Problems – when doctors have operated on a wrong body part or have tampered with healthy organs, patients find themselves worse off and in need of additional corrective procedures.  
Sadly, surgeons occasionally will perform amputations on the incorrect limb or the wrong patient accidentally, and some wrong site surgeries lead to a lifelong disability or even a fatality.

Putting a Stop to Surgical Errors

There’s no doubt that something must be done to prevent wrong site surgeries. It isn’t yet clear to authorities exactly how that should be accomplished, though. 

Putting a stop to these types of surgical errors, “turns out to be more complicated to eradicate than anybody thought,” admits Mark Chassin, Joint Commission Center president.

Experts do agree on a few changes that might reduce the number of surgery mistakes, such as: 
  • increasing physician accountability;
  • improving communication between patients, surgeons and staff;
  • installing safety systems in operating rooms;
  • withholding payment when doctors make errors; and
  • improving hospital and operation protocols. 
Medical professionals are in great need of increased transparency and stringent reporting regulations. Until then, countless patients may be forced to deal with painful consequences.

If you’re the victim of Georgia medical malpractice and have experienced a surgical mishap, you’re undoubtedly feeling a mix of physical, emotional and financial repercussions.

Fortunately, you’ll likely be able to collect financial restitution for you injuries, subsequent disabilities, pain and suffering, and time away from work. Consult an attorney about your negligence lawsuit options.

Contacting a Georgia Medical Malpractice Firm

If you are the victim of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, such as suffering from a doctor’s surgical mistake, you have certain rights guaranteed by law. To help you understand these rights and seek the compensation you may be eligible for to help get your life back in order, contact the Atlanta Law Offices of Sheryl L. Burke for a no-cost consultation on your injury case – 1-404-842-7838.