You may seek a claim settlement if you were injured by a doctor giving you the wrong prescription. Medication errors that cause you to become ill or injured are considered Georgia medical malpractice, and an Atlanta law firm may be able to help you hold your physician accountable for this serious type of medical mistake.

Common Types of Prescription Drug Errors Resulting in a Claim Settlement 
  • incomplete patient information (misreading or ignoring patient allergies, prescription history and lab results);
  • unavailable medication information (expired warnings, side effects);
  • miscommunication (poor handwriting, mix-ups among drugs with similar names, misuse of metric system);
  • inappropriate labeling (repacking drugs into other containers); and
  • poor environment (lack of lighting, interruptions, distractions). 
Most of these types of errors are completely preventable, yet thousands of Americans are injured each year because they were given the wrong prescription. Patients older than 60 may be most at risk for this type of Georgia medical malpractice because they often take multiple prescriptions. 

Preventing Prescription Drug Errors 

To avoid having to deal with a claim settlement, you can prevent getting the wrong prescription by taking some precautions. 
  • When your doctor or nurse gives you a drug, ask the name of the medication, the correct dosage and the reason why you are taking it. 
  • Read and make sure you understand any special directions or side effects of a prescription. 
  • If you are incapable, have a friend or relative with you to ask about the drugs you are being given. 
  • Be sure to disclose to your doctor all prescription and non-prescription drugs you are taking. 
  • Ask questions if something does not look or feel right to you. 
If you believe you were given the wrong prescription, tell your doctor and/or pharmacist right away and then contact an Atlanta law firm that deals with Georgia medical malpractice to see if you qualify to file a claim settlement.

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