Nerve damage is an unfortunate result of many Georgia car accidents. This is because the impact of an accident, which can cause broken bones or excessive pressure on the body (such as when pinned under a vehicle), can lead to nerves being stretched, compressed or severed completely.

After an accident, nerve damage may not immediately show itself. It can be caused by other injuries. Take for instance, the case of a broken arm. While you may think of this as a relatively minor injury, when the upper arm bone (humerus) is fractured, nerve damage can result.

This is most often known as radial nerve damage, and affects the:

  • triceps;
  • forearm; and
  • hands. 

Radial nerve damage can also be caused when areas near the nerve are swollen or injured. Even if damage is limited to just the radial nerve, symptoms can initially be frustrating and then extremely limiting to daily activities, if the condition is not treated.

If you've been in an accident and are experiencing the following sensations, it may be a sign of radial nerve damage:

  • difficulty bending and straightening the arm from the elbow;
  • pain; and
  • numbness, tingling and burning sensations (this is most common in the hand, forearm, thumb and index and middle fingers). 

Once tests such as nerve biopsies, nerve conduction exams and MRIs reveal the exact location and extent of nerve damage, a treatment plan may be discussed. This could include use of pain medications, steroid injections, anticonvulsant medications and even braces or physical therapy.

Whether your nerve damage affected the arm or another body party, if your car accident was caused by another person's careless behavior, you may be able to file a personal injury claim to account for the costs of your treatment, as well as other losses. 

Contacting an Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney

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