Yes, you can negotiate with an insurance adjuster for a car accident. This negotiation begins after you file an injury claim, send a demand to the insurance company, and the insurance adjuster sends an offer for a settlement.

How We Can Help You Negotiate with an Insurance Adjuster

Many people just take the first offer they receive because they are afraid of entering into the negotiation process. This is understandable.

Negotiating with an insurance adjuster can be quite difficult, especially if you have no experience doing so. Insurance adjusters receive special training on how to devalue claims and save the insurance company money. It is very easy to say or do something while negotiating with the insurance adjuster that can jeopardize the value of your claim.

However, you do not need to handle this process alone. Our founder, Sheryl L. Burke, used to work as an insurance adjuster before opening her firm. She knows how insurance adjusters operate and tactics they use to devalue claims. She can handle your case from start to finish to fight to get you the compensation you deserve. She will manage all negotiations and fight until you receive what your case is worth.

We Will Determine the Value of Your Case

Meeting your basic needs is an essential component of your personal injury settlement. That amount varies depending on the circumstances of your accident and the extent of your injuries and property damage. We will determine the value of your case to ensure we do not accept a settlement that is lower than what you deserve.

We will investigate your accident and determine the value of your:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other accident-related losses

We Will Field All Offers

More often than not, the first offer you receive from an insurance adjuster will not satisfy your needs after a crash. We suggest that you do not accept this offer without running it by a member of our team first.

If you have not already enlisted our help before this step in the process, we recommend you call us immediately after receiving the first offer. (Call 404-842-7838 to discuss the offer.)

We will compare the settlement offer to the demand made and send back a counteroffer. Depending on the case, this could lead to several rounds of negotiations.

As we mentioned above, Sheryl Burke spent time as an insurance adjuster. She knows how the insurance adjuster will approach the task and how to stay one step ahead. She is not afraid to stand against even the largest insurer to get the compensation you deserve.

Defend Your Case Against Any Accusations of Liability

In many cases, your settlement offer will be lower because the insurance adjuster will claim that you contributed to the accident. Per Georgia’s comparative negligence law, your contribution to an accident will decrease the amount of compensation you can recover. Sheryl and the S. Burke Law team will defend you against any accusations of liability to ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

Your Options If the Insurance Adjuster Will Not Negotiate

In some cases, the insurance adjuster will refuse to offer you a fair settlement. If this is the case, we are not afraid to file a lawsuit and take your case to court.

Filing a lawsuit might prompt the insurer to offer you the settlement you deserve.

If not, we will build a case, persuading the judge and jury to order the insurer to offer you the compensation you requested.

Call an Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer for Help Negotiating Your Claim

A car accident lawyer at S. Burke Law wants to get you the compensation you deserve after an Atlanta car accident. We take your case as seriously as you do and will put all our efforts into this. And you can be sure of this as we will not receive compensation unless you do. If we fail to negotiate a settlement the insurer, we will not get paid.

Sheryl Burke worked for insurance companies for years before starting her own firm. She will use that experience and the insight she gained on your behalf. Call S. Burke Law at 404-842-7838 to learn more about how we can help. The initial consultation is always free.