We want all your insurance information to make sure that we contact your insurance company and make sure that they're aware of the accident.


Some insurance policies may have a  "clause" or a requirement where you have to let them know within a certain timeframe about an accident, and if you don’t, then it could lead to a worse situation.


Giving us your information is a way to have checks and balances to make sure you're covered across the board. We're still going after the person who hit you, who's at fault, but if at the end of the day we find out they don't have coverage, you're still going to be able to move forward with your insurance company. Versus not being able to get any type of compensation from anywhere because you didn't at least let your insurance company know about the accident and that the car that they insured was involved.


A lot of times we find that we actually have to report the accident. Then the insurance company has to do an investigation.


There's also medical payment coverage which pays your medical bills up to the limit that you have on your policy. 


There’s a lot of moving pieces and the only way to make sure everything is on track is to get your insurance information and look at your policy.

Watch this video for more information on why we need your insurance information