Accidents in a workplace can lead to serious injuries that may leave a worker to wonder about Workers' Compensation benefits eligibility. While in most cases workers do qualify, there can be exceptions. To fully understand what your rights as an employee are, Workers' Compensation attorneys in Georgia can help.

They not only can explain your rights, but also can assist you throughout the claims process. In the event there are any concerns about the benefits you receive, you will have legal representation working on your side.

Eligibility for Workers' Compensation in Georgia

According to Georgia law, employers are required to provide Workers' Compensation to their employees. If, while on the job, an employee is injured or suffers an illness, he or she is entitled to receive benefits.
Additionally, if an employee is fatally injured while at work, then dependents are entitled to benefits.

The only exception to this would be an employer who has fewer than 3 employees. Because this is not the norm, you can expect that you likely will be eligible to receive benefits.

When accidents in a workplace occur, it doesn't matter how long an employee has worked there; benefits are available.
Even if it was an employee's first day on the job, it injured, he or she will be eligible to receive Workers' Compensation.

In the event an employer would try to deny your claim because you had only worked there a short time, Workers' Compensation attorneys in Georgia can help. You may need legal assistance if you run into a problem such as this.

There may be other attempts made to dismiss your claim. Don't take your employer's word for it when it comes to eligibility for benefits. It doesn't hurt to contact an attorney who can help you better understand your rights.

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