A personal injury resulting from someone’s negligence can be distressing, disastrous and complicated. Many people turn to an Atlanta personal injury lawyer, like Sheryl Burke, to help deal with the legal and financial issues that arise from a personal injury accident. Often times, an Atlanta law firm can assist in lessening your load by working with the courts and insurance companies so you can spend the time you need getting your health and life back together.

The Legalities of a Personal Injury

Whether your personal injury is a result of a car, truck or motorcycle accident; a slip and fall incident; or an injury at work, an Atlanta personal injury lawyer like Sheryl Burke, can take charge of your schedule and paperwork in order for you to meet all of your legal obligations.

How an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

There are several things an Atlanta law firm that specializes in personal injury may be able to do for you, including organizing essential components to make your case a strong one. Five of these components are: 
  • Requesting W2 forms from the past 5 years from your employers and gathering tax returns to establish the amount of compensation needed to replace your immediate and future lost earnings;
  • Researching awarded amounts for similar injuries so you can prepare for a possible argument of partial fault from the opposing side;
  • Arranging for treating physicians to write letters explaining what the insurance adjuster needs to settle your claim;
  • Scheduling a court reporter to document the other driver’s testimony in traffic court, if necessary; and
  • Explaining your rights and what your settlement offer means to you. 
There are many more things that an Atlanta personal injury lawyer can handle for you. It’s prudent to speak with an Atlanta law firm that specializes in personal injury, such as the law offices of Sheryl Burke, where you can feel confident in your case’s outcome. Call today – 1-404-842-7838.

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