The construction industry is no doubt one of the most dangerous occupations in which to work, nationwide. More than 400 workers died in 2007 alone just from falls at construction sites, according to 2007 numbers from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). When construction accidents occur in Georgia, the injured worker may be eligible for Georgia Workers' Compensation.

Elevator Shaft Accidents and Work Injury 

Of those numbers, it's safe to say that some are the result of elevator shaft falls. But unfortunately, elevator shaft falls are not the only cause of severe work injury or death near an elevator shaft.

Elevator shaft injuries may be caused by any of the following:

  • getting stuck between 2 elevators;
  • getting stuck between an elevator and a door;
  • getting stuck in elevator equipment; and
  • getting hit by elevators. 

Any one of the above accidents could lead to a severe work injury in the form of brain trauma, spinal cord injury, broken bones and even death. In addition, involvement in an elevator collapse would no doubt produce catastrophic injury. Benefits available through Georgia Workers' Compensation can help address these injuries.                                                                          

When a Work Injury Could Have Been Prevented

Perhaps one of the most troubling aspects of elevator shaft falls and accidents is that in most cases, the work injury can be prevented.
If contractors, general contractors or those in charge of a construction project follow a few simple guidelines, elevator shaft falls and accidents may be avoided.

When contractors-who are not your employer-fail to use standards such as safety nets and guardrails for elevator shafts 6 feet or higher, conduct safety inspections or properly train employees, they can be held liable if a work injury occurs.

The main recourse for construction workers who have been injured in an elevator shaft fall or accident is a Georgia Workers' Compensation claim. 

In most cases, your Georgia Workers' Compensation should cover you for lost time at work and should offset your medical expenses. But when a seriously debilitating work injury results from an elevator shaft fall or other accident, you may want to contact a Georgia Workers' Compensation attorney to help you throughout the claims process.

This is because you may be out of work long-term, or even permanently, and will want to take every step to make sure you are seeking all of the compensation available to you.

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