Loading dock and construction site accidents in Georgia can happen at anytime. There are a variety of factors that invite the risk of injury to happen without warning, and can result in serious or life-changing injuries.

Suppose you drive a forklift. Regardless of how long you have operated one and know the basic types of accidents that can occur, you can face serious injury or death if you're loading merchandise into a truck, for example, and the driver without warning pulls away from the dock. Before you can react, you're pinned between the dock and the truck. 

If you've been injured in a worksite accident such as a Georgia loading dock accident, you may have several options to seek compensation such as through a Workers' Compensation claim as well as the potential of a third-party lawsuit if someone other than your employer contributed to the loading dock accident. Speaking to an experienced Atlanta worksite injury lawyer can help you understand all of your options and how to move forward.

Knowing the Different Loading Dock Accidents in Georgia

Because of the danger present, you must be aware of the variety of different Georgia loading dock accidents that can take place on worksites.

Some of the most common loading dock accidents result from:

  • Working in unsafe weather conditions - The combination of cold weather and the weight of a forklift and load can cause the floor of a trailer to collapse.
  • Poor communication between truck drivers and warehouse personnel - i.e. a truck driver pulls out of a loading dock when a forklift driver is still loading;
  • Forklift flips over - Death or permanent injury can easily occur when someone is operating the forklift and it flips off a loading dock;
  • Pinned between a truck and the loading dock - The person loading a truck can be crushed after loading the tractor-trailer if the truck door closes on him;
  • Merchandise tumbling off of forklift onto a warehouse employee; and
  • Ill-trained and unqualified personnel. 

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