What is My Georgia Personal Injury Claim Worth? (Part A)

Beware attorneys who claim they can obtain a guaranteed settlement amount for your Georgia personal injury claim. Until a case is settled, there's no fool-proof way to determine the value of a claim. But an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help you create an estimate of the damages you may be entitled to receive.

Your Georgia Personal Injury Claim is Unique 

Even if your Atlanta personal injury lawyer has previously settled a Georgia personal injury claim similar to yours, there's no guarantee your case will settle the same way. Too many factors go into determining the damages your claim may be worth, and, in the case of a personal injury lawsuit, the jury also gets a say in your settlement amount.

Because your accident may be similar to other cases your lawyer tried does not mean your Georgia personal injury claim will settle for that exact amount. Your Atlanta personal injury lawyer can use their past case experience to compare your claim to other settlements and give a rough estimate, but this amount should not be taken seriously until it is presented in a settlement letter.

Parties Involved in Settlement Negotiation

You as the plaintiff have the final say in whether or not to accept an offered settlement for your Georgia personal injury claim.
If you are dealing strictly with the insurance companies, the adjuster will consider the factors of your claim and offer an initial settlement. You should review this amount with your Atlanta personal injury lawyer to determine if it fairly compensates you for current and future expenses and suffering.

If the settlement is not satisfactory and you choose to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, a judge and jury will be involved in the final settlement process.
They will take into consideration the factors of your accident and injuries and determine a settlement based on the damages you request. You should again discuss with your Atlanta personal injury lawyer before accepting any settlement agreement.

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