Time is ticking on your personal injury claim. You can’t wait forever to claim damages and losses when someone else’s negligence causes serious harm to you or a loved one. One of the main reasons to work with a Georgia personal injury law firm is the help attorneys can offer in filing your claim before the Georgia statute of limitations runs out. 

Every State has a Statute of Limitations – Here’s Why 

Just like the other 49 states, the Georgia statute of limitations is in place to limit the time you have to file legal action on certain types of wrongful conduct. In matters of personal injury, this means you can’t wait forever to file a claim against a negligent party when you’ve suffered injury due to their actions.

Part of the reason we have a statute of limitations is so that cases of negligence are exposed and resolved while the information is still fresh. The sooner you file your personal injury claim, the better, as it can reduce the chances that evidence goes missing, witnesses forget details and your damages increase.

By placing a time limit on when you can file a claim for personal injury, medical negligence or other types of misconduct it may also reduce the amount of fraudulent claims. The longer you take to file a complaint, the more skeptical insurance companies may be. They could worry that your injuries aren’t as serious as you make them out to be if you’re taking this long to bring them to their attention.

Specific Civil Actions Have Specific Time Limits

The Georgia statute of limitations applies to a number of civil actions. When you’re injured, you’re most concerned with the 2-year time limit for personal injury claims. The sooner you contact a Georgia personal injury law firm to evaluate your claim, the sooner you can file and stop the clock from running out.

Two years may seem like a long time to file a claim, but there are cases in which serious injuries can result in months, even years of hospitalization. If you and your family are preoccupied with dealing with these personal matters, you’re probably not going to pay attention to your deadline for filing a claim.

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